[Help Wanted] Galactic Vice - A Real-time Strategy game.

Hi :).

I represent an international video game development team called Gravity Games. We are developing a video game called Galactic Vice.

Galactic Vice is a SciFi real-time strategy game featuring two races at war. Vital mistakes made by a corrupt human empire lead to a catastrophic war against an alien race–one in which humanity is pushed to the brink of extinction.

Galactic Vice has recently reached a major development milestone, and we are looking to expand our team and get additional support.

We are looking for another concept artist who has a vivid imagination, and two more 3D/model artists for creating in-game art.

If you are interested please head on over to: GalacticVICE.com, or message me here on blenderartists.org.

Now for the fun stuff!

Concept art:

Demo Video:

No takers? :frowning:

Is this a hobby job, or a payed job?

nice graphics. All the best for your project - I can’t help, but will keep tab on your status.

@FreeMind: The core-game is free, but a series of non-free storyline add-ons are in development that could bring in income (the income gets divided up relative to how much work each developer does). The idea is that the core-game is free for single-player and multi-player, and it will generate a client-base that will then purchase the storyline add-ons. That’s a really watered down version of our marketing plan (and leaves out 99% of the cool things we have planned).

A better description is available here: www.galacticvice.com/about/index.html#HowIsGvFree
And here: www.gamedev.net/topic/603927-recruiting-galactic-vice-real-time-strategy-for-windows-and-linux/

As is mentioned in the GameDev post one of our primary target client-bases is over 20 million people in size, all of whom are very video game deprived (means no competition :D). You can imaging the potential income.

@kbot: Thanks =).