[HELP WANTED] Galactic Vice - Recruiting

Hello! I represent a small group of Open Source developers called the Electric Eye Productions. We are looking for talented new members to help develop the next generation of open source RTS / FPS / RPG games.

The game we are currently developing is called Galactic Vice. Galactic Vice is an 3D, open source, RTS game featuring two races at war. Vital mistakes made by a corrupt human empire lead to a catastrophic war against an alien race – one in which humanity is pushed to the brink of extinction.

We are currently recruiting programmers, 2D / 3D artists, sound artists, music composers, and dedicated testers to help develop Galactic Vice.

All those who contribute retain the copyrights to their work, are given proper credit for their work, and are guaranteed a portion of the net income received from Galactic Vice when it is marketed.

If you are interested please contact me at: [email protected]
And visit the Electric Eye Production’s webpage at: https://matrix4x4.ath.cx/
And check out the Galactic Vice Homepage: http://GalacticVice.com

Thank you,
The Electric Eye Productions.

Looking forward to helping you. Any specific area you want me to start at ?

How do you plan to monetize a free online multi-player open source game if you don’t mind me asking?

donations, i think :confused:
saw the site…it had a purchase button… thought it was opensource??? :confused:
are you selling cds???

The Galactic Vice sourcode will be open source and free (3 months after the game is released), however the game data will not be open source or free.

That means you could happily download the sourcecode, but would not have any of the gamedata that makes the rest of the game (models, textures, campaign missions, etc). In order to get those you would have to purchase Galactic Vice.

Anyone who wants to contribute please email me =)


So what will your small group of open source developers do?

Not to sound to negative, but why is your idea better than anyone else’s. Have you ever done a game before?

How do I know that you aren’t just a bunch of 14 years old that hopes that they will get free help for a game and make big money?

This is becoming like Ground Hog Day. (the film)

We develop and market open source games. Galactic Vice is our first game as a group. However, I, the project leader, have far more experience than a single game.

I never said that my idea was better than everyone else’s. You must have derived that on your own.

My coding skills are far more extensive than that of a 14 year old. I shudder at the thought of the days when I was 14 :o. I also believe in a concept, a concept that open source software and commercial enterprises can be one in the same.

I have attached a screenshot of the Galactic Vice terrain system to help convince you of our validity. However, if you want more proof than that you will need to email me.


See here’s the thing… they’re vastly different. Open source means the SOURCE CODE is OPENly available to everyone, for free. COMMERCIAL means it’s sold for money, and usually the source code isn’t included. Now releasing your source code for free may make some curious as to why anybody would pay money for what would equate to just a compilation of said source code.

The source code is not the complete game. All the data required to play the game (models, textures, campaign missions, etc) are placed under a proprietary license and must be purchased. Without this data, the sourcecode can do little if anything.