Help wanted : how to save topscore in Blender ge

Hi all,

i have (almost) finished my game but have one thing i really wouldn’t know how to even start on : creating a save top score system.
The idea is that one can play the game and, after reaching the end or when the player dies, save his/her score in a top score ranking. Note that the player should not have the ability to load a saved game, just save a top score featuring the top score and a desired 3 digit name into a top score ranking.

It would be very nice if someone could help me out :yes:

Tnx in advance,


You’ll want to find a way to output the player’s info to a file, and use that for high score data.
EDIT: Here’s a post that deals with saving data to a file.
That code won’t work in the newer Blender 2.5x, however.