Help Wanted! The Promethues Files

I plan to make a movie with a twist on mythology from werewolves o greek gods. I need a couple people for the job. I and one other person are working on the script. But, I am not as experienced in the actual blender process. I am learning, as I now a bit to get me started. This is a non-profitable project. I would just like a group to come together and build on this project. Here is the link to a site that I am Building around it now: Hope to hear from some of you.:smiley:

I thought you were making another ‘movie’
This doesn’t belong in ‘News & Discussion’ anyway

I am not doing the other one any more.

You really ought to read this:-

Good luck

What these guys are trying to say is that you’re going to need more credibility before people try to help you out. The fact that you gave up on your last idea is going to deter a lot of people. We’re not trying to discourage you. We’re just giving you advice so you can have a succesful project.

You admit that you have little experience with Blender which is a very bad sign for people. Even if you just want to write the script, you have to be really familiar with the development tools so you know what your capabilities and limitations are.

Sorry but this project is off too. I have a different one and I don’t think i will advertise here.

No offence morgorath, but you should really first be sure you want to do something before asking for help. Once you poured enough time / money in something you will be more inclined to finish it and you’ll have something to attract potential contributors with. You might want to build a portfolio first to show people you’re not only talk.

If you really want such a project to take off you’ll need to be able to lead. In other words, you can’t just quit on a project and you need to inspire people to do what you want them to do, since you’re not offering anything in return.

Also prometheus was never stripped from his immortality, it was actually part of his punishment, as his liver would be eaten by a vulture or eagle for eternity (but herakles saved him as his 11th work). Neither was he evil, he actually helped humans by giving them fire (which was the reason for his punishment). He also taught humans to respect each other and was seen as a teacher/inventor. :slight_smile:

Anyway good luck with your new project, I hope it will work out better than this one :slight_smile:

Wow, one project by day !
You seem to be really serious, I suggest you advertise on CG Talk to recruit pro people to help you.

I decided that this was a bad idea.
I like the other one i have better.

He already quit on this one… stop making these useless threads. People are spending thier time giving you advice on how to complete a project and you quit before you even get started.

unless you can make a transformation from wolf to human I think you might give up too.

I’m quite sure “werewolf” is a term that has something to do with this thread.

There really should be a section for collaboration’s. These things seem to pop-up every few days.

Also if you are making an animated film, something like a wolf transformation wouldn’t feature that high up my ‘problems to solve’ list. You could just split the transformation, 50 percent compositing trickery (switching of models) and 50 percent shapekey’s, once the two models match in outline it’s just a case of slowly fading one two another, with small tweaks to make it not look like a fade of course.

How hard could that be in comparison to all the other stuff that goes into making a film?

Don’t feel bad. I’ve given up on the film I am making about ah say 5 to 10 times over the last 6 years.

There is absolutely nothing worth making that is not also just hard enough to want to give up on. Every film I have made has been just about that hard. I eventually learned how to manage my resources better in traditional live action production and feel as if I have a much better aptitude for predicting time and effort. After 15 years.

But 3D has sort of kicked my ass many times. It is so sexy and easy to think it will be the dream medium. It is. But it comes at a price.

Now, I have to say I have learned this much. 3D is a highly technical skill that is broken down into many areas that each have about as equal qualifications for talent and ability that is above the average of most people in order to do anything decent let alone good. Add to that the years it takes to become that good in reality if you have potential.

I do not consider my self one of those people. I have other strengths I can bring to the table and I have to work real hard in study and application of the 3D stuff to get close to anything decent. Knowing these weaknesses and being honest about it, I can then design a production look for my film and a story and concept that I know I can pull off and be entertaining. This alone has been a 5 - 6 year process along with somehow making a living - we all know the drill.

This is not even delving much into the technical skill you need just to make a film.

You see there has been quite a bit of a change in the way people look at this over the years and it is the fault of the digital revolution that started in the late 90’s when DV was introduced to the marketplace. And suddenly over the next few years 2000-2004 we saw a wider more noticable devolution of quality of filmmaking when more and more amature consumers got a hold of a camera and thinking that having the “professional” format (it wasn’t really but it was close and a large leap ahead of anything else before that) that they could then make a movie that will be entertaining, good, professional and so on. This was of course spurred on by the success of films such as “Blair Witch” and so on. This has been made worse by the introduction of consumer HD to the market and you see it happening all over again in the last 5 years. This trend will continue.

Now you take Blender. It is free. Over the years there has been other software restively cheap such as LightWave. But those forums don’t get hit nearly as often as the Blender forum. And it is because of what I just outlined above.

Having the tool is not enough. Not even enough to have some skill.

Having a saw and hammer and any of the other tools needed to build is not enough to make a house. You need to know how to use the tools and you need to know something about architecture and a whole long list of other things along with experience in many many areas.

Saying you can write good stories and inspire people below you is about as silly as walking up to the door of a homeowner and trying to sell him on the idea that you have a truck full of the best tools and you then qualify for the job to add a room to his house. And when he asks you for some qualification you simply say your ideas are good and you can inspire the workers. You don’t know the first thing about construction. You’ll likely under bid the job (if you could even get it) and drive the workers crazy with unrealistic and unnecessary requests. And then you take the stance that you’ll let them do what they know is best and wind up with hash because you have no idea about what is correct, and no way to even have a workable design, or know how to achieve any quality. And then you realize you wasted everyone’s time when the county inspector arrives and tells you you have to tear it all down because you failed to get permits and nothing is even up to code.

So why is it then, what is this insanity then that with something such as an artistic endeavor, people think they can just throw logic out the window and just dream?

I have no idea. Maybe it is the nature of dreaming and vision itself.

But regardless, to realize a dream and vision no matter how good, it takes skill and dedication from people who work hard.

These people don’t have free time to waste.


In Addition to above, what this all boils down to. The point I am trying to make is this.

When forming the foundation of a production there are certain things that need to be in place. You are building a business model of sorts. Does not matter if it is for profit or not. Even if you are making a painting on canvas or a sculpture in clay. There are facilities and costs, time and effort involved all aside from skill. You have to make some way for it to happen. You have to clear your schedule, take care of bills, dedicate time, whatever.

And so you formulate a plan that takes into account the time and effort and money material and so on as needed. The more experience you have of course the better you are at estimating these physical realities.

Take a painting for instance. You think, great I have saved 300 bucks. You head down to the art supply store and get the materials you need in order to make a painting or two the size (and/or quality of paint) you can afford and head home.

You realize that you forgot you need a place to put the painting while you paint it, so you drag an old chair out of the shed and use it to hold the painting. You keep it from sliding with an old rusty clamp from the garage.

But then you realize you need a place to mix and store paint while you paint so you lay it out on the coffee table over a newspaper and set down your jar of mineral spirits, linseed oil and so on and go to town. You did have a palette so that was smart. But you just forgot about some of the other logistics.

So you are done for the day and you realize you have to let the first layer dry and wash the brushes. You head to the kitchen sink at which time the wife comes home, sees you scrubbing away with soap and oil paint all over the place and then kindly points out the drops of paint on the new rug and the trail of paint from your shoes across the rug into the kitchen and over the tiles to the sink. You sleep that night on the couch and realize at that moment how toxic the smell of oil paint and mineral spirits is when it seeps through the newspaper onto the coffee table.

After a few months of trial and error like this you find yourself out in the shed with the proper facilities set up and you are going along fine.

Now when it is time to make a new painting your estimation of effort is much more accurate and you can budget within a few dollars the costs of paint and canvas. Moreover you have crafted out a nice place to get it all done efficiently in the shed, complete with a proper deep sink to wash brushes and a good ventilation system.

No matter what you do it takes a plan.

This is the business plan of the frequent Blender wannabe producer:

I have access to professional quality free software backed by a huge community of artists and users. I have internet access and an idea. It is a great idea. I will advertise on the Blender forum and get some people to help make it happen.

That is just a bad bad bad bad unworkable plan. The producer has really only worked out 1% of the plan. That is the idea. The other 99% of the plan is then simply shifted to the forum for help. The logistics of the plan. The way to make it all happen is now in the hands of a yet unknown group of people who’s talent is yet unknown. The facilities to make it happen are not even in place and even if you have a server to render stuff and the time to manage the project you are still walking off a cliff the moment you say the movie can happen because I will advertise for free help.

You can actually do that when making a Digital Video film or other No budget movies. I have done it. It can work. But you still have to have a budget and a good plan.

But it simply does not work here because of the level of skill needed to actually make a film in 3D is about 100 times higher than that of the average free crew or actor on a no budget film. And the most people with this skill don’t even have the time for projects that are well organized and look/sound great. They are usually either working on their own projects or working for money. There are then a minority of people who gravitate to some of the open projects that get near completion or sputter along in development or never get off the ground or simply are dropped entirely eventually.

The reason is the same. It is not only just a bad plan. It is simply no plan.

The short film projects you see getting completed are done by one or two highly skilled people who have their own risks and stakes in it. They usually come up with the idea and make it happen- using their own facilities, time and resources and backed by a realistic logistic plan.

Here is a workable plan for an independent Blender producer.

Get good enough as an artist and at Blender in all of the areas I need to know in order to produce a film. I Have the time set aside. I have facilities set up in my home (or other place I can have unlimited access to) and I will work hard at it until it is done and learn as I go. That is a plan.

If you have money, only modify the above plan by paying a crew of people to help you. Or even pay experienced people to help you conceive of an idea and lay out an artistic look for it and move forward in an organized way to completion.

If you don’t have money your personal skills should be very very high and your idea rock solid and most of it completed before you cry for help. Even then. Good luck finding people at your level of skill and dedication.

HO LEE MO LEE… and this is in news and discussion. I think BA just hit a low point. We really do need a forum that takes blender seriously

You must’ve not seen the other “I’m gonna make a movie or short” threads in this forum, or all of the “I’m gonna make an epic RPG or MMO when I have no experience in Blender” threads in the BGE forums, or have you?

This is what happens when an app. gets popular among people just starting out in 3D (or 2D), these kind of posts have been everywhere in the GameMaker forums for years since it became one of the most popular 2D game making programs. The Unity forums are now seeing a bunch of posts like this, numbers increasing, as Unity starts to dominate in popularity when it comes to 3D game engines.

The issue you pointed out is anything but unique for very popular 2D and 3D apps.

Mograth is 12 your age?