Help Wanted - Unique Business Opportunity to Join Our Company

I am new to this group and hope I am not breaking any rules by adding this post :eek: We are looking for a talented blender user to either subcontract work or be part of our new company. New concept, patent pending and it’s a winner! Please contact if interested in finding out details. Thanks!

Wouldn’t it be better to at least provide some details, instead of everyone having to contact you individually?

I mean, how do I differentiate you from the hundred other users that have created threads similar to this?

easy opt. the other scams actually left contact info. maybe its a new psychic company and telepathically knowing how to contact them is the interview/preemploment test.

Hmmm… Well even if we wanted to do it how in the heck can we contact you? You didn’t leave a number or website or anything.

First post can’t have links! Anti spam measure! Lol.

Unfortunately you can’t. A Non-Disclosure Agreement is required to provide the details or I would have provided the details in the original posting. This is an opportunity to be part of a business that is currently working on a pilot that will spread nationally, then globally.

I posted here because we would rather find someone that has Blender experience to join our time then try to find the time to learn the program.

Skill level required would be above moderate but continuously improving.

Read response to Obtikz please. Contact through this forum is the first step and we will contact you.

Respond that you are interested in knowing more here and we will contact you. Seems like this group has received many scams by your reaction.

Hi VTDirector,

It is okay to ask for help here, particularly if the job in question has the opportunity of giving an artist good experience. However, due to the large number of false, or mis-represented help requests that come through this forum, please provide a couple things:

  1. A contact email/website of some kind. Restricting people to contacting you through this forum is basically telling us you don’t have a legitimate email/site for this project and thus it likely won’t amount to much.

  2. Regardless of wether an NDA is required, you can still provide a few details as to the kind of work you’re looking for. Such as concept art, game design, programming, animator, etc. Also you can probably provide a couple general details as to the type of project as well, e.g. film, game, web, etc.

I don’t mean to come off as strict or being short with you, but without those kind of things in the post above I can just about guarantee zero success, simply due to past posts on this forum. If you were blocked from adding links due to your low number of posts, let me know what those links are and I’ll be happy to add them for you!

Oh and for future reference these kind of requests ought to go in the Discussion forum! :slight_smile:

Best of luck with the project!

In that case, I refer you to JonathanW’s post.

Without at least providing something in the way of information, I will conclude that you are a spammer and will not be contacting you.

I wish you luck though.

few info, sound like a solicitude for a colaboration in a project, sadly generally this type of projects no have a happy ending for the colaborators, if is a pay work no problem and good luck.

Always interested in business opportunities, sent you a pm.

I have said it many times before, we need a dedicated section of the forum for this stuff.

Then we could post stickies with rules for posting and responding to such offers.

Thanks to all of you who responded so quickly to our posting. We’ve looked at some of your work and it is excellent!

Based on several requests, to show you we are far from a spammer, we’re providing more info.

We will need a team of Blender techs to help us with one of our new businesses. The work will be utilized in Second Life and Open Sim where we have several regions/sims. You will be converting 2D to 3D objects and duplicated real life towns. The first phase is converting 2D to 3D products.

Second Life experience really is a must. Open Sim experience a definite plus.

The service we are providing benefits companies, children, economic development, retirees, horses and much more.

Our non-profit - is about to “go live”. The work required is not for Kids4Horses but our other new business.

For those of you who have made sarcastic or unprofessional remarks, this is the main reason we were hesitant to give out information.

For those of you who are seriously interested in what know is the future for eCommerce, we’re looking forward to meeting you through Skype within the next few days.

Questions and resumes/work experience may be emailed to [email protected]

Thanking the administrators of this group for your email.

Enjoy your day!
Not-a-Spammer Ilene
30+ years experience serving as Interim CEO/CFO, managing over 100 businesses as a turnaround consultant.

For those of you who have made sarcastic or unprofessional remarks, this is the main reason we were hesitant to give out information.

I think you were getting those responses purely from your original ‘unprofessional’ post. Not giving any kind of contact details or basic outline of your requirements strikes me as absurd. If you can go into details now why couldn’t you straight away rather than potentially wasting peoples time now that you have specified “Second Life experience really is a must”.