Help wanted - redesign

Hi, my name is Alvaro Luna, I’m member of this comunity since the times, I’m also one of the moderators of the YafRay forum.

The YafRay site ( needs a bit of redesign. Some of the content is outdated because it talks about the YafRay 009 times, and the front page could use some improvements.

I really would like to do it myself, but I don’t have time to learn how to do it, and I think that there must be people that can do it much better than me. I know that some of you are on web design.

In the front page the idea is to keep the YafRay logo, the exposure the gallery has in it, and some sense of simplicity, we are trying to sell nothing. The news section could use a smaller format to allow for other content in the front page. We would like to have forum feeds and maybe feeds from other sites.

We would like to have a new webpage template for the other sections (dowloads, documentation, etc)

You can use whatever tools you want, we only ask to make your proposal using free open source tools.

Notice that the current colors are related to the YafRay logo colors, and we think that the YafRay logo must stay because it is really a good design. So either you work out a new colors palette compatible with the logo colors or you work with the current palette (red,redish, grey, white, black)

Thanks for you interest, your proposals, your ideas in advance.

hey alvaro , whats up , i could help you , but i dont have too much time, but these software can help you out.

Tweak, it says it’s a private video.

Alvaro, I think you need to do something with this confusing names first. What is now YafRay or Yaf(a?)Ray 009 is this the same thing or what?

So logo will be the same for all Yaf(a)Rays 009 and YafRays?!

Can we expect next Yaf(b)Ray 007 with the same logo? :smiley:

Can we expect next Yaf(b)Ray 007 with the same logo?

I think the extra ‘a’ stands for ‘active’. Forgive me if I’m wrong, but that’s what I heard.

Perhaps when it is close to completion you should consider a different name altogether.

fixed sorry.

Thanks for the laugh.

The project is called YafRay, and its logo is what we have now, a flying photon framed by two red and black tails. The YafRay project hosts two render engines at the moment, YafRay 0.0.9 and Yaf(a)ray, the former stopped and the later a completely new engine in beta stage.

The (a) stands for ‘abandoned’ BTW.