Help Wanted

(Rikimaru) #1

Hi is any one interested in helping make a metal gear solid style game.
currently only the main charactor is modeled (minus her hair) so it is an early project we really need a python scripter or 2.A game artist and some level designers are allso wanted.but if you are at all interested i am shure we could invite you on the project we will even take newbies wanting to lean if they want and we need people.

many thanks

Jamie bulmer

Shadow games

(saluk) #2

Well, I’d love to help you guys, but I’m too busy with my level editor at the moment. It would probably be the perfect tool for your game, but it wont be nearly ready for at least a month or two. But if you guys need a simple python script or anything, just tell me what it is and I can probably do it. Good luck with the game, it sounds really good!

(wes1) #3

Yo dude I would like to help you, good idea!

I work in a team off blendergames designers they could also help if they want, i don’t know for sure. contact me by mail ([email protected]) wes1