Help wanted

Hi there, I am making a brick breaking game. You know, the game where you control a square block and try to hit the bricks with a ball that randomly bounces everywhere. :o

well anyways I am stuck in making it… I have two problems.

  1. the first problem is that i do not know how to make the ball reflect and bounce off an object when it hits it.

  2. the second problem is that there are walls that i have made. the ball that i have in the game works fine, it does not go through the wall. But the square block that you control in the game does. Now i know that you can simply put physics to the wall. But when i do the wall moves. so the question is, How do i make an object physical, but not move, even when another object collides with it?

PLEASE NOTE: I only got blender like a week ago, so please try to explain as easy as posible. :smiley: but don’t wurry, i know blender pretty well :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi angel12345

I’m also new to the gaming side of Blender. You and I both seem to have started with the same idea of a simple breakout game. As usual, there are often several solutions for tackling some or other area. I started out with walls which physically “bounced” my player (the bat) but then forum members told me to use constraint actuators instead. See this thread: (click me)

I would be interested in seeing what you worked out for your ball physics. I asked a question about how the ball should be set up here: (click me) but although I thought it must be a very simple question, no one has so far been able to answer.

I found the original Blender Gamekit (now a free download) to be very helpful, and I’m currently thinking the ball should be based on an IPO curve (yet to try this outside of what I’ve been doing in Gamekit tutorials).

Thanks man that really helped me a lot. If you ever want to start a simple project, like a pac man game or something then just let me know :stuck_out_tongue: PS: Yeah! I can finally finish my first game!

I made a game just like this once. I’m pretty sure it will bounce fine if you just lower the gravity. Do this by going into the world buttons and changing the gravity bar.

The World Buttons:

Thanks. I wouldn’t mind seeing how you got your bouncing ball set up in terms of logic blocks. I’m thinking physics might not be the best way, but rather having a “directionX” and “directionY” flag (object property) which translate to applying force, and change when something is hit… not quite succeeded though. How did you attack it?

Darn, it didn’t go to well. the dawisch do i need to change anything around? like force?