Help! What's That Command?

Hello everyone! I hope hope hope that one of you may know the answer to my question. :smiley:
I’m doing a tutorial and the guy giving the tutorial doesn’t really say what command he uses… and I can’t figure it out lol. I’ve googled. I’ve searched blender wiki… and so far I’ve not been able to find what the command is.

I’ll try to explain what he does. In the process of making a bust, he extrudes out the neck area of the bust, scales it down to where it’s sort of a neck shape. The bottom is supposed to be the shoulder area and sort of the base of the bust so it’s supposed to be flat but since it’s extruded from the bottom of the head, it’s rounded off.

I think the tutorial guy was really into what he was doing because his explanation at this point was sort of mumbly and after-thoughtish. He says “Scale it some… along z axis….” At this point he’s talking about scaling it along x for the first… then making it a bit longer along z… then he flattens it out on the bottom but all he says is “0%, flatten it out there”… it’s supposed to be a beginner tutorial so he probably should have said what command he used there. Hopefully some of you may know.

You can PM me for the url to the video. Seems I’m not allowed to post the link.

Thanks in advance!

OH! And it’s blender 2.5 that I’m using. :smiley:

It sounds to me like he selects all the vertices that are supposed to be flattened together (the parts that sit on the pedestal, e.g.) and then presses S then Z then 0 (zero). In other words: Scale the selected vertices along the Z-axis to a value of zero. This results in all selected vertices having an identical position on the Z-axis (they stay the same on the X and Y axis). Try it out with a UV sphere or something and you’ll see what I’m talking about… mumble mumble…

Thank you! :smiley: That seems to have been it… I guess the % I was trying to throw in there was throwing things off. I managed to do a workaround though at about 8am this morning. :smiley:

Finished it just now: YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! My very first humanoid EVAH! :smiley: