HELP!When I use standalone player to play the game it moves very slowly sometimes

My mouselook script does not work so well in the standalone player,I don`t konw why:no:


roll_ball.blend (862 KB)

still no one
It runs very well in the blender
however in the standalone player the camera would rotated more and more slowly
(my english is no show good ,Does anyone can understand what I mean,or anybody can speak ‘中文’。)

When you say “moves very slowly”, do you mean that it the game stutters from time to time when running your game as a standalone executable? If so, I believe this was due to a bug that was fixed in a recent version of Blender.

Try downloading a recent build from the Blender BuildBot or GraphicAll and seeing if you still have the issue.

Yes!I try to use 2.65.9r54266,it still the same as you say: stutters from time to time

I think I had the similar problem starting out with BGE. Good thing you’re using the latest 2.65v! Now, looking at your file and based on my experience, it’s the mouselook script that is usually causing the stutter problem. On my part, I’m now in the phase of painstakingly rewriting a whole template because of this issue.

One suggestion is to replace your mouselook script with a workable version by rewriting or getting from another source. Test this first only on the standalone version and see if the stutter problem goes away or you have a suitable script that will work.

I have tested Solarlune here BGEHelper and it works great also on exe version , the problem is I’m a python novice and can’t adapt to the code yet to other scripts.

In short, same symptoms: works well on BGE main and stutters or looks slow on the exe version (w/ a mouselook script)…

Good Luck.

As a side-note, what operating system are you guys using?

Hey SolarLune, mine is Windows 7 64bit :slight_smile: