Help-When rendering tracking scene, object becomes transparent and blends D:

Hello :D. I am having a problem that when i render my tracking scene one of the objects become transparent and blend with background. So, my tracking works fine, it also works fine with the original cube blender gives u, but when i try to add another object like a cylinder, it goes transparent. I am really confused, i hope someone can help me D:. Please if you can thank you. I have some pictures to help you understand my problem. On the left is my rendered image and on the right is my scene. Thank You:D



your cylinder is on the background layer… all you are seeing is the shadow. just move the cylinder to layer 1

Thanks so much ;D. 1 More thing I am having a problem with. Recently while i am trying to set my cameras origin or floor to a marker, my camera just teleports to a random location… I am really confused on what to do, this has never really happened. Please Help