[Help] White lines between objects (look at the image)


im working on a minecraft animation video for my server,
but when i put the block next to each other and render there are white lines.

i use blender 2.58a
packed blend file:
hope someone could help me.

We’re not very likely to guess what’s wrong without the .blend file. But on first glance you might have made your texture margin too small.

added the blend file :stuck_out_tongue:
forgot it.

if i make the texture larger,
the problem is still there.

It’s not about making the texture larger, it’s about moving the UVs away from the edges of the texture. Also, you failed to pack the textures, so again, I can’t see what’s going on. File->External Data->pack into .blend

sorry that it takes so long,

added new link sry that it takes so long

i remake the texture with more precision and enabled anti-aliasing 16x

That’s apparently the textured faces that are “capturing” the colors that are outside the UV , i don’t know the technical reason of why this is happening (and that’s usually why you need your texture to bleed out of the UV instead of being limited only to it) but that’s the problem here, the white part of the textures that is out of the UV are being captured by the UV

Often if you make a model and see the “seams” being displayed on it when looking from a distance or rendering it, it’s because of this problem.

Instead of this that has the white pixels outside of the UV being captured and displayed in the render (and viewport) :
If you try that :

The UV will continue to capture the color outside of the UV, but fortunately it’s always the same color tone now, not the white color anymore.

That’s why it’s usually good to make your texture bleeding outside of your UV, by example on the texture of one of my character, see what i did there outside of the UV itself :