HELP! Windows Wireless Problem!!!

My parents computer which is connected to my router via a wireless card.

Theyve been losing the connection and having to reconnect manually to the network. I went yesterday to fix the problem. I tried creating a new network multiple times, no luck. So I dropped it and tried connecting the the wireless network. It gets to the point where it says “Acquiring Network Address” then displays the network is connected but with “Limited or No Connectivity”.

I tried Winsock fix, the netsh winsock fix, even Windows patch for it. No Luck.

Any help will be MUCH appreciated.
Point me in the direction of anything!

I believe that I had a similar problem once, I think I had to manually assign addresses to the pc’s rather than having them automatically selected.

Maybe one of these links will provide some help:

Oftentimes, if you wait until it’s connected and then manually disable the service “Wireless Zero Config.” it will behave. I was getting disconnects and an unholy level of lag spiking before I figured this out.

New problem.

Thanks pixelmass, setting a static IP helped and now it does not display the connectivity issue. I connect to the network; however, I can send packets but not receive them in the status window!

Any tips?
I’m so close.

Start with the basics: make sure that the computer is not too far away from the router. Consider buying a decent antenna for the router if the existing one can be removed. Do your tests with the computer sitting right next to the router.

(It’s radio, not wire. The most probable source of failure will be related to the fact that it’s radio.)

Even on Windows … :rolleyes: … wireless connections should be stable.