Help with 2.34 Demo File


I downloaded the demo files for 2.34 and have been trying to render the room.blend that has two textures associated with the file, one of which is a hard wood floor texture.

When I render using the Yafray plugin, I don’t see either of the textures. I can see that they are defined in Blender’s textures but they are not assigned to any objects or materials.

How do I get the textures to show properly? How are they supposed to be mapped, etc.



Just as a matter of interest: where can I download these demo files?

Simon Harvey

poke around, there is a lot of cool stuff

The demo files can be downloaded from

The file I am interested in is the one in the file.

I haven’t downloaded the file, but I’d guess that they are image textures, and they are packed into the blend.
Try unpacking the images (File menu, or Tools menu, or somewhere like that) - yafray won’t be able to get the images out of the blend file

I also seem to remember that yafray needs the images to be in TGA format, but that might not be the case any more…