Help with 2.56a Beta!

Call me stupid, but I just downloaded Blender 2.56a beta yesterday, and I launched and it works fine, but everything looks so different! I’m lost and I have no idea where to start! Any help would be appreciated, or links to some tutorials would be great too!

there are a lot of links for the new setup of
Just use the search function for this forum
if you want to lookup a lot of youtube videos
about the new interface-setup,
search on youtube about
blender 2.55
.- There are a lot (more than 5) starter-videos for the new interface.
Next - if you search for the place of an old blender-2.4x function in
the new interface - a search in the forum about this function will
find some hints about most of the old blender-2.4x-functions.
And if not - you may always ask with details, what you cannot find
in the new interface-settings.

This is a pretty good site
but the problem I’m finding is no place has the important stuff like how to select elements and borders or how to add sigments by defult mesh settings.
Not many videos even have how to split the view ports, or toogle quad i think its called in blender.

Give youtube a try aswell, myself find that videos are better then books :wink:

Thanks! I have been working on it, and am starting to get the hang of it. Much more powerful than the old one, and looks better too. :smiley: