Help with 2.8

in latest built
how do you do the Box select ?
I mean I can do it but it does not get all the objects
is there a way to select all objects inside the box ?

ad how where do you select the Circle and use it in 2.8?

happy bl

For Box Select, press B, then click.
For Circle Select, press C, then click.

with B box
I select a lot of objects but there is like 25 % that don’t get selected
so is there some parameters to change to select all objects ?

for C select I can select then Escape key to get out of it
unless there is another way !

happy bl

I do not have problems with Box Select.
It is strange.

For Circle Select, hold to select, then Left Click.

I can also do it with mouse gesture but not as precise as with other methods
and a bit sluggish!

happy bl

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