Help with 2d animation eye rig. Example inside.

Basically, how would someone have a go at making something like this in Blender?

What I would like to know is how to make a rig so the pupil is masked or confined only to the area of the eye. Also, I would like to use a drawing substitution technique which makes this even more difficult so I really have no idea. Maybe using some Boolean modifiers?? I don’t know…

I would just really love to experiment with 2d animation in Blender, but for now this is a showstopper for me… Any tips?

I have thought about trying 2d animation in Blender, but never found the time for it. (Hmm… lacking time in general :wink:

First, you could try to ‘simulate’ 2D by using NPR e.g. Freestyle. You’d make the anim as a 3D setup but achieve a 2D look and feel by rendering it that way.

Second, IMO you should not try to simply duplicate methods you’d use in Toon Boom of Flash (or any other 2D proggie), but make up your own techniques and approaches, because than you can take advantage of the fact that Blender is of course a 3D program. I think it could give you much more possibilities then just working in 2D.

You would of course have to come up will all kinds of tricks and workarounds for things that are easily done in a 2D application.

For the 2D eye example you could try a shadeless material on a UV sphere. Make it white and assign a black color (also shadeless) to the top part to make the pupil. Use an Track-to constraint to make the eye follow an empty and you have a simple rig.
The pupils need not to be masked, but simple rotate out of view with the sphere
And yes, this not really 2D but I think with shadelss materials rendering it would look very 2D :slight_smile:

If you really wanna stick to a 2D approach, I think a method could be found in the compositor, but I wouldn’t exactly know how.

Or just use a 2D app. like Toon Boom or Flash :wink:

Hmmm, I think you are absolutely right. I’m interested in doing this in Blender because I think I can take advantage of a 3d setup. That being said I also don’t want to depend a 100% on a 3d workflow. I’m looking for flexibility and particularly for ways of mixing with Blender some traditional and frame-by-frame animation as well. 3d is also by itself a limitation of some kind (depending on the project).

Anyways, Freestyle won’t really do for me because I don’t really need line art and flat colored surfaces. I’m more interested in different hand painted objects and characters. To put it really simple, I don’t want to have always to depend on After Effects. Also vector based programs were never much of my interest, even though I have to use them from time to time…

I’m just trying my best to build a workflow around Blender and Photoshop, because it does look possible. All the animation and compositing tools are there and they are indeed good! I just haven’t figured some details that keep me for accomplishing what I really want…