help with 2D graphics & transparency

Hi – I’m a beginner with Blender…and excited by it.
As part of an art project, I am trying to import an irregularly shaped graphic 2D image (with a transparent background) into Blender. The two methods tried so far are:-
a) Add, Mesh, Images as Planes. This retains the image colours but gives the whole rectangular frame (including the ‘transparent’ parts).
b) Vectorise the image (using Inkscape), save it in SVG format, then use File Import (as SVG). This generates 10 ‘curves’ and keeps the colour of the original graphic. When I select all the parts then try to join them, most vanish. I get 2 of the small coloured shapes and the outline.

Any other ideas?


If you import as svg and want to merge the compnents, you probably want to convert the curves to meshes first (alt+c in object mode).

After that, they should join together ok.


if you’re just trying to get an image plane (with transparent parts) into Blender and you’re not extruding like a logo or something you should just import a bitmap image (.png, .targa, with alpha channel) using the “image as planes” addon.

If you’re not familiar with it, go to the user prefs, addons panel and search for “image as planes” and enable it. Once you do this it will appear in the “add” menu or with the shift+a shortcut. Make sure to look at the options on import to make sure you include alpha and possible shadeless.

hope this helps:)

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It works!! THANKS


You have to tell Blender to make the mesh transparent where the alpha is 0.
You didn’t specify which render engine you’re using, so
Blender render:

Cycles (mapping and texture coordinates shown are not required, image texture node defaults to UV mapping)