Help with 3d land please thanks

download this:
and please tell me how to make a landscape 3d (bumps with mountiands and stuff) with those images. there has to be an easy way, download and see what i mean thanks in advance.

They are too low res to be much use to you, but you could set these as bump maps to a plane.

Or, you could try that trick with the noise button. I forget how its done and where I read it but from what I remember, I think you map this as a bump map, subdivide the plane a few times and hit the noise button, the plane will then ‘displace’ in the form of the bump map. Someone has to remember how to do that, so please correct me if I missed any steps.

I think thats it. Ya, Subdivide a few times, Make a material, and put a cloud texture or an image texture with a bumpmap on it on texture slot one. Make the texture black while the other material is white, and then use the noise button to make instant terrain.

Quite honestly when I’m making flat terrain, I use the Fractal Tool, but thats a different story.

Thanks all! I’ll give it a shot. Yeah, Fractal is totally not what I want :smiley:

Here is what I got from it :smiley:
I also attached the images I used. Thanks a lot!!!