Help with 3D model


We are looking to get a 3D model made of a man with his daughter sitting on his shoulders. We did a 3D scan with 123dMake, an Autodesk program, but it was too low resolution. I was hoping someone could help us either fix this model or help us to create a new one from scratch. It needs to be to scale and doesn’t need any color.

Thanks and I hope to hear from ya soon!

Here are some images of the model and a photo we used to create it.

I think you have to improve your 3D scans. It depens on the camera you use. If you have the Kinect 360 for Windos, you can try the new SDK, because they have a tool to perform reconstruct 3D Scans. i also had some good 3D Scans with Reconstruct Me but you have to pay for a license.

while I h8 to point anyone away from blender :wink:
what you want to do is fairly easy in daz studio (or poser but DS is FREE lol )
program comes with a basic doll (genesis) that can morph from male to female and adult to child
(can find free clothing and poses at daz forums or sharecg is good, google should find them)
that could then be exported to blender(as obj/other) for final tweaking, eg textures face shapes etc

there is a learning curve to DS!!! some love it some don’t :wink: