Help with a 3d model, simplifying

I need help with a cosplay I am doing, I am new to Blender and am in need of assistance. I need to make this model ( I will attach it ) simpler ( Making the front flatter ) flattening the swirls in the top ( On both sides ) To make them easier to fold in Pepakura. Etc, making it a more basic model. I tried doing this myself but ultimately messed things up. I will keep this up if questions are asked etc. I will supply the file for the mask.
Thank-you in advance.


Juggernaut Mask.blend (442 KB)

I haven’t looked at your file, but have you tried the decimate or remesh modifiers?

That helped a lot, thanks, but I still don’t know how to remove faces and also remove some of the swirls. ( Filling them in and flattening )

What you need to do is create a lower-poly version of it with the same basic shape, and then bake the texture from the original to the new one. If you want tutorials, Google for “blender retopo”. For example:

I think you should remove some of the edge loops - alt click a ring of vertices and delete -> edge loop.

Hi there,
what exactly do you plan to do with this model? I wouldnt call myself an expert on modeling but i’ve learned from a lot of tutorials that you dont want these things for animation and rendering within blender:

  1. triangular faces - they will cause problems at some point (texture stretching, shading problems, …)
  2. 6-sided poles (vertex with 6 edges connected to it) - same problems as above

as far as I can tell, it seems as your model already is quite simple in terms of facecount.
Here is what i would suggest (with my fairly bad knowledge about CG):

-try to remove triangles and 6-sided poles

  • use a mirror-modifier if you are good with a symmetric model (goto front-view (numpad 1), wireframe view (z), select left half of the model in vertex mode, delete vertices (x), and add the mirror modifier with clipping enabled)
  • smooth edgeloops (e.g. around th eyes) (select an edgeloop with alt+click on edge, hit w, smooth)

You could also use the high-res model to retopo your model. If you use create a new object (e.g. a plane) and enable snapping in edit-mode, you can use the face-snap-mode to create new faces as you want them and have them automatically follow the ‘old’ highres mesh. You also can find an example in the video below.

You can get a few tips from Jonathan Williams speech at the blender conference 2012 here.

Maybe that helped, otherwise try to describe your problems one by one to get specific help.

Greetings from Germany