Help with a box that throw objects!

Hello everyone!

I have to do a box that take things and throw away. Can anyone help me? I´m trying something similar to this one blend, but I think I´m in the wrong way. Thank you very much!!!


Test1.blend (148 KB)

If you give the cylinder ‘cylinder’ bounds you can pick it up succesful. Dunno how to throw it :confused:

I have to do a box that take things and throw away

select the box , make the following setup in logic

always > and > edit object [add object]
and enter the name of the object which is in another hidden layer than the one that emmits .

Well, I need a box to pick up items and throw it using the Blender physics. Something like this… But I have to improve it. In the animation, the box always track to the Y axis. Thanks you! :slight_smile:

PD: I´m using 2.47 because It seems to improve something in the physics… Just my imagination?


Test1-2.blend (151 KB)

Well… My problem now is about Tracking to the empty that “throws” my objects… Can Anyone help me? If I throw an object for the first time, everything goes well. If I try to take the same object, I have a problem as you can see (The object that appears makes somthing strange) Thank you very much for your help!


Test1-3.blend (163 KB)