Help with a file host

I know the question has been asked many of times but as I search I really dont find the answer I am looking for. My question is…What are some good sites where I can upload my animations so I can post them in the forums here. I would like it to be free of course and simple say no registration. Any help would be great.

Thx Mux

I use

It has a minimal registration (just your email and a password). (I don’t get any spam from them).

1gig of space, unlimited bandwith, you can password protect downloads if you want, and reasonably nice download screen, without having to go through multiple screens, popups etc etc.

Just remember to login at least once a month to keep your files / account active.

Otherwise there’s a ton of other sites that don’t require registration, just Google “free file hosting”


i use Polorix. .blend friendly