Help with a FPS, enemy cycle question.

Hiya!, hey i was wondering if any one could give me the code or tell me what’s what I should do to make an enemy follow a cycle. Let’s think. Attack (shoots), attack 2 (attacks with a sword), and then it remains move less for about 10 seconds, so you can kill it, anybody have play Banjo Kazooie?, or Banjo Tooie?, all boss do that!. Im triying to make a final fight. Like the one with HAG1.
Well that’s all, oh and for making the enemy shoot, can I use the same code as for you to shoot?, like the one in the “simple question post”, well the link its broken, but I think I get what it means.
Sorry if my post has some misspellings, English it’s not my first language.

well, i think what you need will be just som animations, logic bricks and some int’s timer properties to make this idea real.
like this: you have a attack anim and a timer for how long your anim is playing before the timer resets and the anim stops and the bot is trying somthing else.
the int prop tells your bot when to do what and the timer for how long.
i can’t explane this so good, can anyone fill in?

No, I think you’re 'splaining it pretty well. You can check the Question Corner about the AI, but Konoha here seems to explain it well. Use timers to have the guy do whatever, and whenever the timer changes, you could, for example, increase a “state” variable that tells what the enemy should do.

Or you could use nodes to construct it. Honestly, if you search the forums before asking a question, you’ll probably get the answer. Search for the AI tutorials by p00f.