Help with a HDRI render...

Ok, so here’s my dillema. I want to do an HDRI render, I’m rendering a ring. so preferrably I’d like to use yafray. I’ve tried to HDRI things before, but the image is always too big, it’s all pixelated… WHen I try to tile it, hopinh that I will get smaller pixels… I get several copys, which in turn, shows the black edges at the zeniths, I cant get a good size, can you help me?:frowning:

Uhm, it’s hard to judge what you really mean…a screenshot or something would really help.

One quick guess would be to increase the Filter Value for the HDR texture…just tell us if that helped and if not please make things more clear.

There’s a basic tutorial here:

Maybe that will help you out.

YAY! it worked! tahnks, dunno why it didnt work for me before… thanks again!

Thanks man, I was wondering how to use HDRI again, It’s bee awnile since I used blender, thanks for the link :smiley:

thanks for that! now i can truly let my work “glow.”