Help with a Lake

So I’ve watched and watched multiple tutorials on how to use fluids and yet I still don’t get it. What I’m trying to do is to make a lake, I don’t just want it to look like a lake from the top but I want to fill the area with water as well. So far I have a plane, I subdivided it, and dragged parts down to make a sort of hole. I was wondering if it’s possible to use this to make a lake? If not, then how would I have to go about doing what I want to do?

make a duplicate of the lake area and make it a solid mesh. then add your liquid domain cube around it and set the duplicated mesh as “fluid” now when you bake the sim the domain will become the lake and you can delete the duplicated mesh

I don’t know if the fluid simulator can handle a whole lake full of water. I think the domain is still somewhat limited as far as scale.

i guess it would depend on the size of his model.

that too, but a lake full of water doesn’t behave quite the same as a tub full.

true. it depends also why he needs the lake to be filled. he could just use a plane and use the ocean modifier to get a good lake surface

Thank you for the help :slight_smile: fluid water is very confusing but I ended up figuring it out using what you told me to do and some experimenting :slight_smile:

I’ve been trying to do something very similar. I learned a lot about fluid sim, including the fact that it’s probably not the best thing for a lake surface. I got it to work very well for just a surface, but with a 24 hour bake time. Even at these high resolutions (~300), when I added a character swimming in the water, it looked terrible; and with a full day between each adjustment made, it was very impractical.

I’m pretty sure that a great lake surface is possible with displacement textures. You can animate a “cloud” texture displacement by attaching it to an empty, animated object. Does anyone know how to get the ripple effect from and object moving through the water though?

HAHA! Someone answered my question in another post. You can also add Dynamic Paint wave physics to a mesh(your lake). As shown here: