Help with a logo in 3D plss

i have a lot of time trying to create this logo in 3d, but i really dont know how to do the outside part… i already use a path and then a curve modifier but they create a wird effect on the corners…
can somebody help mee please here i leave the logo

I though at first this might be an impossible shape. The bends seem to sharp to exist in 3D. However, for the fun of it I tried and got this:

It looks good from the front but not so good from the side.

Here is the Blend if you want it. This was all done with poly circles, Filled faces, and SpinDup.

StarLogo.blend (43.8 KB)

The shape of the band is possible, just the flow is different.
Here is my attempt using 3D bezier curves as a base.


many thanks guy, but one more thing… how can i do the divisions of the band?
can i use a plane with an array modifier so it create all the segments, and then apply a curve modifier, so the segments take the form of the bezier curve???

The band is actually extruded and closed bezier curve. It already has divisions and you can control the densitty with DefResolU property of the curve. Here is the file:


logo.blend (174 KB)