Help with a major problem

This is probably in the wrong catagory so sorry if it is :). Anyways i guess it’s time to break the ice. The “second” game i was going to enter into this game competition (which eventually took priority)was actually a small scale MMOGRPG.

This is my rant on the game (which can be ignored):
This i got, despite what most would think, pretty far in, the networking was working though it wasn’t done(it was a pain to get the server to work in blender instead of as a separate program). Though you could see other players and most info about them. There were also NPCs and i was working on gameplay and more interaction.

Well everything was going great until the computer i was using as a server randomly died. I currently don’t have enough money for a new computer or server and the unit is beyond repair right now. I also am not willing to use my current desktop I’m on despite it being better.

Any bright ideas or shoves in the right direction would be greatly appreciated. If not I’ll either pull out of the competition or pool any salvageable remnants of this project into a single player superhero game version of it.

You could aks wikileaks if they know anyone with a spare server…

do you know where the problem lies?
for example, the likelihood of an all round failure is quite low, unless a motherboard fault, so you could always salvage the ram, hdd, gfx, psu(if not broken, as psu’s are often the fault) case…
you would cony need to buy mobo.
for more help go to

If you are developing there shouldn’t be a problem to run the “server” on your local PC, as long as you are alone there. This is a common way of development.
You could even install a virtual machine if you want to make sure the connection works remote.

A separate server would be necessary when you start to testing with other (remote) users and you fear security leaks. But I can’t help you with that.