Help with a mechanical RIGG with a strange plastic simulation

Hi guys, first post here!

I need some help and guiding with a new project. It’s for a special wrapping machine and I need to do a simulation like this one:


Honestly I am pretty new with this type of animations, even more with simulations. I have only animated some characters for video games proposes.

The first question is If it’s possible to do something Like this in blender, because the plastic simulation looks pretty complicated and I don’t know if blender cloth simulation can do something similar.

I have done some testing but I didn’t figure out how to do the plastic, specially how to envelope the box with plastic while, at the same time, the cylinder spins and pulls the plastic out of it.

Finally, If it’s possible, I would like to know how to integrate the simulation into the rigg. I’ve tried to find information about it but I didn’t find enough.

Thank you guys, any help would be appreciated! :yes:

Yes, it is possible, either with Cloth sims/Physics or with a base mesh and an armature combined with some shapekeys. Either way is as you say, “pretty complicated” to get the final result you are looking for. For me I would try mesh, curve modifiers, shapekeys and an armature as a first try.

BUT I would bite off a little smaller piece to start with! Try this as a first exercise, just bending a plane mesh around a cube as you rotate the cube. If you can do that then we can look at more complex stuff. I don’t have the time just now to talk you through the process, but suffice it to say you will need a flat mesh with lots of sub-divisions so you can bend it.

So try this - create a flat plane object - stretch it out so its four times as long as wide in EDIT mode - subdivide it on the long side into 4 pieces.

Add an armature with a string of 4 bones going from one end of the plane to the other each as long as one sub-division. Parent the mesh to the armature “With Automatic Weights” - then roll up the bones - keyframe the rollup.

Post the blend file either here or at then post the link to your file here and we will look at your progress.

Bear in mind this is blenderland - things don’t have to be what they seem, so you can wrap something up without ever running out of plastic film! I note on the video that the film roll doesn’t get an smaller as the parcel is wrapped - this is Blenderland for you!

Oh yes - Welcome to BA

Cheers, Clock.

Wow! Thank you very much. I’ll try it with bones then.