Help with a Mobo purchase!

Hi i have been having alot of problems with my comp latley, and i have narrowed the problem down t my motherboard… for example… My nvidia geforce 6600 have severe graphical glitches due to incompatibility with my Mobo (The gliches only happen on Direct x games, and a number of people on other fourms have noted imcompatabilty issues with SiS chipset Mobos) (and dont suggest a cooling solution cause i have already tried that Here ), also my USB wont put music or videos or photos properly onto my creative zen vision m and my bothers computer puts all these things on perfectly… + my computer could do with an upgrade cause its about 3 years old now…

I was looking through newegg and found what looks like a perfect replacement… ECS P4M800PRO-M478 (1.0) Socket 478 VIA P4M800 PRO Micro ATX Intel Motherboard - Retail

It has all i need, not expensive, agp 4x/8x, 3 PCI slots, micro atx form factor, Non-SIS chipset, 478 pentium 4 socket type, 4 usb 2.0 slots, S-ATA Raid,…

just one thing i was wondering i also need a connection for my C:/ drive which is a ATA-133, and i was wondering does PATA mean that it is ATA-133, wikipedia claims that it is, but i needed a professional oppinion…

so could you help?



ecs == lots of problems:(

try Asus

Yea, ASUS ftw.

I don’t trust anything else (to perform as well).

I have used many manufacturers, and would only recommend Gigabyte and Asus, as they are the only ones that haven’t caused me hassle.

Asus = slightly better performance

But really it depends which gives you the features you want for the price you desire.

HDD have two interfaces: PATA (Parallel ATA) and SATA (Serial ATA)

revised information:

Earlier SATA ran at ATA-133, where 133MB/s is the theoretical throughput.
Current SATA funs at 150 or 300MB/s, which is the theoretical throughput. (1.5 of 3.0 Gb/s then divide by 8 for GB/s and factor in 80% efficiency).

A PATA controller does not necessarily support speeds up to 133MB/s, and even if it does, the realistic maximum throughput is much less. But the point is you need to check the maximum speed of the controller.

I’m not sure it would make much of a performance difference if the drive ran at 100 though.

If you still need confirmation look at the cable. PATA are connected by big, wide ribbons, SATA by dinky narrow cables.


Ok, i checked the ASUS website and found this mobo P4P800-VM

has all the same specs as the other one… except its got an Intel chipset

any suggestions?

That motherboard will work fine, but if you want to run your harddrive at 133MB/s it won’t do it, as the PATA controller seems only to go to 100MB/s.

If you find one that says 133/100/66/whatever then it will run at 133 (remember always to use the cables that come with the motherboard)

But I don’t know if your MicroATX requirement will hamper you in this…


hey thanks alot ajc158, thats helping alot, i not really concerned with it only running at 100Mb/s, as long as it fixes my problems with my USB and graphics card i shall be happy.

Is ATA-133 backward compatable as in it being able to run with ATA-100 or ATA-60… etc.

My current mobo

Yeah, a faster drive will just run at the slower speed.