Help with a project that is over my head!

We are creating a 28min video of a child who has Spina Bifita going through a Day of Discovery at Monterey Bay Aquarium. We start out showing his family getting up traveling to the Aquarium then he leaves his wheelchair to scuba dive and touch the critters in the Great tide pool. Take a look at some stills:

Here is the catch. We are in the process of getting the video completed but I have found my skills at Blender lacking and time short so I am hoping someone has some time to help us out.

The idea is to create a 3-5min 3D clip of a baby developing in the womb with this birth defect. An expert will provide a voice over for the audience to follow along. This will start the movie and should relate the liquid environment in the womb to the last scene of the movie as the kid moves through the water.

All of the labor for this movie has been donated so far so we can’t pay for the effort so I know this may be a limiting factor. We will provide a credit at the end of the movie.


Steve Lyon