Help with a simple animation nodes setup (solved)

Hey guys,

I need a little help with an animation nodes setup in 2.82… I need to animate about 50 or so products and have them slide onto planks on a shelf. My idea was to do that with animation nodes, using an effector. In Cinema 4D i’d easily be able to do that with some mograph effectors and it’s probably not that hard in Blender either but my brain refuses to cooperate. :wink: Here’s a rough mockup:

I want the products to move on X based on distance to the effector. The effector would start off at the bottom and moves to the top so I get a nice staggered animation effect of the products flying/sliding in. The left half from the left, the right half from the right (I made two collections for this). Once they’re at their final positions on the shelf they need to stop moving.

If there’s a simple way to do that without animation nodes (which doesn’t involve manual keyframing) that would be fine as well.

I’m paying 20 euros to the person who can make a little setup for me which I can easily understand and apply to more of these “products” since this is just a simplified version of the actual scene.

Any takers? :slight_smile:

Here’s the blend file:

Update: I may have received a nice solution from someone so this is probably solved, I’ll add a tag once I’m sure :slight_smile:

Edit: solved!

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