Help with a simple curve object (File Included)

Blender File is Here:

I have a cylinder that I am trying to attach to a curve but i’m getting weird results

In edit mode it is the right size

but when I attach it to the curve it shrinks…

I want it to look like the edge of this police cruiser (yellow line)

Here’s the curve modifier checklist:
0. model the long part of the object along the x axis.

  1. is the scale applied on the object, no crl a ‘scale’
  2. is the rotation applied, no ctl a ‘scale’
  3. is the origin at the world origin, cursor snap, cursor to center, set origin to 3-d cursor
  4. Add your bezier curve so it’s origin is at the world origin.
  5. Tab into mode and modifer the bezier
  6. add the curve modifer to the object
  7. To move the object along the curve, hit g x
  8. the move the curve as a whole, select the bezier, tab into mode, select all control points and move, rotate them.

Why do you want a Cylinder to be involved? Model a Curve and set couple of params…

Could start with default plane:

  • Use Ctrl-Shft-B to bevel corners to get your outline; press F6 after beveling to get to the options and tweak bevel
  • Inset I two faces, delete middle faces, extrude, bevel edges, add Subdivision modifier and some loops if needed.

Excellent! I will do this thanks for the info!