Help with a small Intro?

Hello there, my name is Yoshitoki Kago, or Yoshi for short. As of lately I’ve been slowly getting myself into Blender and hoping I can do sort of short small intros for my videos on YouTube. But sadly I only started recently and well, my skills with the program is still really well…shaky to say. All I’m able to do so far is to create objects and have them in still images. But what my goal is to make intros. Speaking of an intro, there is also a series I wish to make on my channel that needs a fully animated intro which I can’t make in Blender yet.

The idea is around that either a sprite character or maybe if someone is able to, a fully rigged Yoshi is dashing to the right of the screen only to slow down to a stop, noticing a large brick object above in which it smashes it’s head against the underside. Making it slightly crack. It then goes off screen while the brick object is still in the center of the screen where the Yoshi then jumps on the top of it and does a ground slam. Which begins to break the object. Showing the name of the series I have which is “What Game is That?” So I’m wondering if someone is willing to assist me with making this intro for me. Of course whoever does this, will have their name/channel credited in the description of each episode. And if it’s possible I would like it have it before the end of this month.

Either way if someone can’t help me, I understand and will take my time to learn Blender more to do this. But aside from it, thank you for taking your time to read this.

-Yoshitoki Kago

Hey bro , i may be able to supply you with ONE intro , but you will have to supply me with a yoshi model , textures , same with the brick … heres my intros


so yea , give me a rigged yoshi model with all the other stuff you want in it … That is a difficult intro to make and would be WAY out of the “begginer” section , you would need years of animation experience and same with blender , But if your willing for me to make it then yea