Help with a spring-shaped mesh

Recently I’ve been trying to make a curly, spring-like tail for the creature I’ve been working on. So far I’ve managed to make a spring mesh that composes most of the tail but the issue I’m having is that I need the end of the spring mesh to turn upwards in order to connect to the underside of the model’s body.

I’m also having a similar issue with another model that I’ve been working on:

Unfortunately, none of the tutorials I’ve looked at online for creating springs have mentioned how to about accomplishing this.

Does anyone here have any ideas? Any help whatsoever would be greatly appreciated!

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apply the Screw modifier, enable the LoopTools addon, select the 2 ends that you want to connect and right click > LoopTools > Bridge?


Sometimes the quickest way is just Brute Force: select an Edge Loop, extrude, rotate slightly, move slightly, and do it again 9 times until you’re done.

Determining the optimum method is often slower than just doing it by simpler, incremental methods.

Then, 2 days from now, you’ll find out how to do it in 2 clicks, but that’s just life in the animation world.

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You could add a single vert, move it slightly off center, apply a screw modifier, convert the verts to a curve and edit the curve instead.