Help with a steampunk copper material

Hi Guys,

I’m currently planning a steampunk scene. I currently modelling the below spacecraft and I’m wanting to start readying a materiel for it. How would I go about getting this as accurate as possible?

Here is what I have so far and I bet I’m so far off the mark.

You may want to add some fresnel as the factor of the mix shader of the glossy and the difuse. I reed somwere that the fresnel of copper is 1.1 and bronze is 1.18

Adding a floor on your scene may help you get closer to the reference image as its reflecting the floor, its visible in the booster parts for exemple. It’s harder to set the reflection right if you have nothing to reflect.

The color look less saturated on the lighter part of the reference I think.

Or you can use the shader from the great post mentioned above.

Hey thanks for the advice so far. Androol, when the I added the fresnel I got a solid defuse color. Anyway here is what I have so far.

With the following node configuration. It still needs way more work.

No idea why the fresnel didnt help, I cant realy try right now as I am rendering but Ill try your material when its done.

The material realy improved.

Some probleme I m seeing so far are the diferent scal of the noise efect on diferent part of the model. On the panel under the opened door they are elongated on the z axis and on the closed door they are smaller. I doubt it is on purpose. Maybe it’s coming from choosing generated as a texture coordinate? I m prety new to cycles and only use object coordinate with procedurals and dont have this problem so far.
Another thing is the clood efect on the higher part of the sphere make the area arout the porthole lighter when its darker on the reference.Trying to invert the noise texture may solve this.

I made some test on a sphere if it can help.

The .blend

I dont pretend its better, especialy as its just a test on a sphere. The scale may be totaly wrong for your model for exemple, and the highlith look blured.

The fresnel probleme was because of the order you plug the glossy and the difuse on the mixshader. You just have to revers the order and it work. In my test, I atenuated the fresnel efect as it gived a very strong gossy but I’m not sure if the amount of atenuation is optimal.

For the part where the material is distorted maybe this tutorial may help you.

Hi @Jeimuzu, here there are some materials that could be useful for your project:

Most of them are explained in my blog

Also I recommend you to use dirty vertex for cavity, as @IkariShinji suggests to you, and some kind of bumping / displacement.