Help with a texturing software

Yo blender user, what would you recommend me for texturing 3d models modeled in blender? Photoshop with dDo or Substance Designer? And yeah I know that blender has ability to texture in 3d but these softwares give you so much than blender more, especially SD.


I’m probably gonna buy one of these softwares, so just that you know that price needs to be taken into consideration in this case.

I use 3D-Coat, it has a nice price and is getting PBR texturing tools. I have the educational/indy version which is on sale now for $75, the pro version is $275 I think (you would need to check on that). It doesn’t have the cool procedural particles like SD though, so if you need them then I think SD is your only choice.

Yeah… mari is nice and all but it’s much more expensive than SD and I need for commercial use, you know selling textured 3d models online and stuff. I think that SD has the edge on this cause it offers it’s self as indie version for 99 dollars which is not that expensive for a such great software that offers so much than any other software in that price range. Still nevertheless thanks for suggesting me MARI.