Help with a tire tutorial

I’m trying to do the following tutorial:
But when I get to the part where you have to make the faces for the outer part of the tire, it simply does not work. Nothing happens. :mad:
Here’s what you’re told to do in the part I’m stuck on:

Create the outside faces
Rotate around the model and you’ll notice the outside of the tire doesn’t yet exist. Let’s remedy this.
Go back to NUM1 view.
Invert selection (SPACE > Select > Inverse)
Newer versions: CTRL-I for inverse selection
Press FKEY to create the missing faces, in the menu that pops up select auto
Newer versions: no auto necessary.

Faces are NOT created like the tutorial says. So, how do you connect the points and create the faces on the outer ring of the wheel? :mad:

If you’re looking to create something like in a picture, well, start out from default cylinder without cap ends. That’s the same like in tutorial. Then, in edit mode select edge rings, extrude - e and escape, then scale inwards a bit, making sides. Then switch to face select mode and select side outer ring of faces. Now hit Alt -e, extrude individual faces. That’s it. You can apply Subdiv modifier and further design, like Ctrl - R - make different cuts, select one side vertices and rotate, do anything you fancy.
For the rim part, edge select one inside ring, Shift-D to duplicate it and P to separate. Go into object mode, select ring and in with that in edit mode start to extrude, scale to get what form you need.
This works in blender 2.6.

I’ve red through that tutorial but quite frankly, either my language skills are off or i’m a bit… whatever, i could not comprehend it.
After first scaling inward in tutorial there are faces all over the place and i couldn’t find where they are missing. So no need for a next “Invert selection” .It looks like after you’re left with a lot of faces inside the tire which also is not so good - increases polycount, render times.

Hope, helps.