Help with a tutorial please.

I’m guessing this is for an older version of blender, and thats why I am having problems with it. Anyways I cant even get the first step to work.

“Hit shift-f7, and select the ‘Background Pic’ button. A ‘load’ button will appear. Select it, and load your logo into Blender. When you’re done (hit enter to load the image), and you are returned to the background screen, hit shift-f5 to show the background picture in your viewport.”

The closest thing to ‘Background Pic’ button that I saw is the backduf image thing…whatever that is. When I select the backduf image blender will render the logo, but I do not see it in the edit screen. Help please. Thanks in advance.

first of all, this will probably be moved soon to its proper place (Questions & Answers -> Blender General)

Anyway, the GUI has changed a bit since then…

click view button in the header of your 3d window
click Backround Image
click the little folder icon to load an image
blend value is how transparent the image will be in the background with 0 being solid and 1 is transparent

Thanks for the help, though I believe I have also tried that at one point. I remember the image showed up while I was editing stuff, but when I was unable to actually do the rest of the tutorial, it was as if the editing options just ignored it. I dont know maybe I just need to try it one more time. I’l do that tomorrow, thanks for the help. Also sorry for posting in the wrong section.

BTW- the image will only show up in the top/front/side views…in any other angle the background image will not show.

Woot, thanks for your help. I have not bothered to even try that tutorial for a while because it didn’t work last time I tried. I re read the tutorial just now and realized that you dont actually use the background while rendering, it is only used for tracing. Thanks for the help. ^^