Help with a tutorial

tutorial in question:

I am new to Blender and most 3d stuff in general - When I follow the above tutorial it talks about Lattices and setting the U, V, and W - I cannot find this in any of the menu items (don;t know if I am even looking in the right spot). I went through the manual 3 or 4 times but could not see exactly where you can access these settings. :frowning:

If anyone can shed some light on this it would be appreciated.

it is in the edit buttons, their pic is only of the panel in the edit buttons

sorry - I must be blind - I have a Link& materials panel and three Mesh panels while I am in edit mode - I looked at the other panels in object mode but still could not find lattice in any of them. Is there a hot key or something?


I just glanced at that tutorial in your link but I don’t think it got to the part on adding a lattice. Maybe this will help. To add a latice press space bar add latice from top of menu. Hit F9 then you will have the lattice buttons with u ,v , w or whatever they are. change the numbers to increase complexity of your lattice.

In Object Mode select you Lattice and press F9 for editing. In the buttons window you will see a Lattice panel with three buttons labled U,V,W each set at a resolution of 2. Change these the change the resolution of you lattice.

Something else to remember about lattices… if you want to distort something using a lattice, you’ll need to be sure to subdivide the relevant edges several times so that there are plenty of individual vertices to be acted-on by the lattice, throughout the entire object.

Thanks - makes more sense now.