help with a tyranical DSL modem...

Im pretty new to this DSL thing (if not overjoyed that i can actually USE the internet instead of just lookin’ at it :smiley: ) after using dialup for the past few years. anyways, for some reason or another my modem seems to be either blocking specific sites, or unable to recieve information from them.

unfortunately these sites seem to all be major search engines such as google, yahoo, msn (at least the only ones i know of). So i am left unable to search for any help at all, ironically their help application seems to be unable to connect to the net’ as well… when i try to go the the website i get a "operation timed out while trying to contact [website] " message. its odd because it doesnt happen all of the time, google was working fine yesterday.

i have heard of people having such problems before, so im sure its some common thing i can fix (i hope) with help from you guys :). if i need to supply any information just tell me so, thanks.

yeah see… google just started working as soon as i finished typing the above… :-?