Help with add Faces function. Not working with more than 3 verticies.

I have been working on tutorials and each time I select numerous verticies to make a face Blender does not do it. I have to select three verticies and make up a large face piece by piece. Is there a setting or a trick that I am missing. It seems that the face should be created over many verticies when I select the F key. I have the 2.59 version installed. Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated.

I’m not quite sure I follow you but I am going to guess. So you have say, 4 vertices that you select and hit ‘F’ and it doesn’t create a face? But if you select 3 of them it will create a triangle and then you can select the other 3 and finish it as a 4 vert face? Is it possible those 4 verts are in a weird shape (concave) that can’t be faced? You should see an error if it is not working.

Or are you possibly trying to select more than 4 verts to make a face?