Help with adding Shapekeys

I’m currently using the character (I’ve linked it below) and I want to be able to add more shapekeys. Ideally I’m hoping to add shapekeys from posing (by going into the modifiers and applying as shapekey). Unfortunately, every time I try doing that, the shapekey doesn’t work (it might be due to the fact that there are two armatures? I’m not sure).

Character blend file link:

If someone could please help me figure out how to add additional shapekeys, even if it’s a different solution than using the bones to pose, I would really really appreciate it.

Thank you

When I load your file, create a simple shapekey, and apply one of your armature modifiers as shapekey, it makes a valid shapekey that works:

Note that you’re going to have trouble here, because you have multiple objects (each needs its own shapekey) and you have multiple armature modifiers-- can only apply one as shapekey at a time.

Might consider duplicating, turning off subdiv, alt-c->curvetomesh, join as shapes instead of applying modifiers as shapekeys in this case.

Thank you for your help! I really appreciate it.

I was able to create the shapekeys I wanted as you said, but I don’t want to run into issues down the line.

Can you elaborate on the duplicate method? I’m not sure I completely understand.

Thank you again!

  1. Duplicate the mesh object in object mode. Disable the subdivision (and any other generative modifiers) on the duplicate.

  2. Alt-c-> mesh from curve, in object with the duplicate selected. Basically writes all modifiers + shapekeys to the mesh. (Not a trustworthy method, just an easy method.)

  3. Select duplicate, shift select original. On shapekey specials (triangle button dropdown to right of shapekeys) select join as shapes.

  4. Delete the duplicate.

Thanks for the detail.

When I select join as shapes, I get an error that selected meshes must have equal vertices.

I made sure to disable the subdivision modifier. Not sure what else is causing that?

Which object in the file you linked? Any “generate” type modifiers have to be disabled.

‘body’ is the mesh object I’m doing this to.

Would the clothes modifiers qualify as a generate modifier?

Yeah, all your mask modifiers need to go, looks like those get written into the mesh.