Help with adding texture/decal

I have followed several tutorials about adding a texture or a decal and still can’t get it to work. If I follow the tutorials I add a texture from an image which then shows up in the preview pane on the bottom left of the screen but if I render I don’t get the texture on the rendered object. I am very new to Blender and am fairly sure it is something I am not doing. Please can some kindly soul point out what bit of the tutorial I have missed or what bit isn’t there as it is so bleedin’ obvious that a one-eyed troll with terminal dementia can see it. I guess there is some bit in the buttons that should be enabled and I haven’t, but what the hell it is is beyond my diminished capabilities.
Many thanks in advance


I guess you can’t link to the tutorial. My guess is that you added a Texture, but didn’t point to it from your material. Make sure your object is selected and press “F5” and Look at the far right in the “Texture” box. Is your Texture there? If not, click the button to the left of “Add New”, and select it.

The texture is listed on the right and the image shows in the preview on the left so I can’t see why it doesn’t show on the rendered image at all. I went to my mother’s house yesterday and loaded Blender on her Windows Vista laptop and get the same thing. This is happening in Blender 2.49b and 2.48a so I am sure it is me that is the problem. I just can’t see what I’m doing wrong and any help is appreciated.


can you upload the blend file? make sure to pack the textures by going to
File->External Data->Pack into .blend file

There are many ways to add an image texture, and even more ways to control its appearance.
Lets just get it to show up in the least steps possible.

  1. Start Blender. Observe the unholy grey cube. Render (f12) it is grey!
  2. Select the shading button/tab (f5) Now click the Texture Buttons tab (f6)
  3. Texture Type - Image
  4. Load your image.
  5. Render.

Thanks for your help. I thought that was what I was doing but somewhere along the line I must have missed something out as it’s working now. Can’t think where as there are so few steps. I suppose it’s partly because I am so new to using Blender and the interface is somewhat daunting until you get used to it. I try not to rush tutorials as that is the easy way to miss out important bits but it seems I must have. Thank you for being patient answering my question.