Help with alignment of eye vertices

How can I move the left group of vertices more to the right?
here’s my blender file:

Also, how do I model the eyes, on front view the vertices match the eyes but in sideview, I need to move them, which if I use G it moves them, but they don’t match anymore on front view. So how can I make the vertices both match in front and side view?

Why did my reference photos dissapear all the sudden!?
Sorry, I’m new to blender.

Hello? anybody?

Your need transform center this object

Which object? and why? please explain it in a way that a beginner can understand it :slight_smile:
And why did my reference photos dissapear?

Should I use images with the front or side being perfectly aligned? , would that make it easier and faster? If so then maybe I should learn to draw, because I can’t find many images with a perfectly aligned front or side view. or are my images fine?

Look at the front view. The left line of vertices isn’t aligned right, the end shouldn’t be touching the nose, I want it to be aligned exactly like the right line, how do I do this? here’s my file
Simply, I want both eye loops to be alligned with the image’s eyes.

Wow this forum isn’t very active is it?

I think I’m going to another forum.

You posted a one linered question, get pushy, and then get irate when people don’t respond after you post a few more (irrelevant) one liners? Haha.

The mirror is defined by the ‘origin point,’ which is what Darcviser is referring to. This is literally one of the first things you should be learning in Blender. The fact you’ve come to a forum and expecting instant answers is worrying. Go find a YouTube tutorial or a book about the basics of Blender and study that.

Yeah, because you should be able to answer my question quick, so of course I get mad when people don’t respond, especially when there’s 30 people viewing my topic.
I didn’t know the origin point had something to do with the mirror modifier.
It’s worrying? well shouldn’t it be worrying when I’m not getting any answers after 2 days? it pissed me off when I didn’t. That’s why I moved to another forum. I already studied the basics and know them, but didn’t know the relationship between the mirror modifier and the origin point.
Can you tell me more? how do I move the mirrored part (not the real mesh) to the right, but not move the real mesh at the same time?

put the cursor where you want the middle be (half way between real and mirrored geometry), than set the Origin to 3d cursor.


You’re forgetting that people are using their own time to try and help you, they aren’t obligated.
If you want quick answers then consider hiring a tutor.

You will attract more things with honey than with vinegar. Everyone participates on such a forum voluntarily, and no one has to reply to anyone’s post. Don’t take it personally if they don’t: see if you can make your question easier to answer!

You should start a new thread in which you post a photo of what your model looks like, and which illustrates what your question is. Many people will not download a blend-file and “have a look to try to figure out what you are talking about.”

Eye-tracking is usually easy: the eyes are spheres, of course centered in the center-point of the sphere, and you attach to both of them a “track-to” constraint which tracks an empty. So, the eyes always “look at” the empty. Often this empty is somehow parented to the head so that it follows the head, but sometimes for more detailed facial work (in which you want more-noticeable eye movement effects) the empty is separately animated. (In a close-up shot, you can see that the eye focus-point slightly trails (or, leads) the head-movement.) Occasionally an armature-bone is used to give the animator control of not only where the eyes point, but also blinking/eyelids and perhaps pupil dilation.

Well, if they’e on the internet studying blender (and not working in real life), i’m pretty sure their time is not valuable to them, so my anger is very reasonable. :smiley:
I’m not like this in real life.
I moved to a better forum anyway, no snotty people.

Thank you, alot of good information, but that didn’t answer my question. I’ll just post a photo and you guys will immediately know what I mean.

I’m not sure if it’s because the jaguar is slightly turned to the side, but the left line of vertices (your left ) near the nose, isn’t aligned as I would like it to be.
If nobody could read that, because it was hard to paint good letters: (1) I want this, to be here. (2) But at the same time, not move this. Basically, I want to move the left (your left) part of my mesh, even more to the left, BUT without moving the the right (your right) side, which I don’t know how to do.

i hope i read this right but it looks like you are trying to model it based on the angle of the picture. the lions face is actually pretty symmetrical but because the picture was taken at an angle it looks like it might not be. you have to compensate with pictures like these instead of actually modeling exactly to the picture, otherwise you will end up with a very weird face.

but to answer your question you would have to confirm the mirror and then work on that side. but it would have to be near the end of your model otherwise if you want to use mirror again, you can only have one half to mirror

Confirm meaning apply it?
I have one question, on an object that has the mirror modifier, how do I move the right side of the model without moving the left? for example, on my model I want to have both lines of vertices to touch the nose, but if i move any line (it doesn’t matter which) the other line moves too, which is a problem for me.
Is there a way to move only one side of the mesh at a time?