Help with an unusual Dashboard

Hi all,

I am trying to model this dashboard, so far i have the basic shape but where the sides curve inwards, is where i’m having trouble. I’ll post my efforts this evening, but this is the photo below. Would anyone please care to help, advise?

The inner workings i’ll work out myself but getting the mesh to look exactly like this, would take some time, which is fine as i’m doing the most difficult parts first.

Many thanks



I tried modelling this dashboard and, with my limited experience, found the crease at the top of the small inset panel to be
the difficult part since it is two merging contours. I find having enough edge loops and keeping these on their axes
helps keep contours smooth. I focused on the right side of this dashboard and used scaling on the edge loops to
model this crease.

Hope this helps.

Mine is similar

Thanks to you both, i shall have a go, have a look here at what i did.

I was a quarter of the way, but not enough edge loops as you can see here. This is about the most detailed part, and i’d like to keep this thread open incase i run into any hitches. JA12, you’ve been very helpful in the past, and d_neur, thank you for a detailed screen as well!

Very much appreciate, it, i would like my efforts to look like that, so the answer is really edgeloops, and pushing them into shape. I have a blueprint to follow sort of, so i’ll have another go.