Help with animated rigid bodies

HI. I am trying to animate a container with rigid bodies inside.
The scene shows a drone transporting icospheres in a container.

I baked the icospheres filling the container, but that is just to have the ico-spheres within the mesh, it should not be visible in the animation.

After the container gets filled the drone-container starts to fly to other part of the scene.
I imagine the icospheres are not traveling with the container cause the bake finishes before the drone needs to move.

My doubts:
Will I need to re bake the filling of the container everytime I want to tweak something. For example I want the gravity change so the ico-spheres levitate inside the container carried by the drone. Does it mean that every change I am going to do I will need to re bake all my rigid bodies?
Isnt possible to bake the next step in a differen “bake” without needing to fill the container everytime I tweak gravities or the trajectory of the drone?

Thank you