Help with animation on key press

Hi guys,

I am having a bit a noob problem here with the game engine,
I am following a tutorial where you create an animation for your character and save it as an action called walk.

So in the game engine, when setting up the controllers in the logic editor i do not get the results as on the tutorial.

What needs to happen is when you press the up key it plays the animation of the character walking. I have followed every step exactly, but when hitting “p” to start the game engine the character goes to its default stand and does nothing when hitting the up key.

below is the setup of the controllers. Please help

Two possible reasons.

  1. You need to assign the vertex groups to your mesh.
  2. You need an armature modifier on your mesh. The modifier must be on the first position.

i think?
you must select the true and false button, in the keyboard sensor. the 2 " signs

I am new to blender and have some basic experience in 3d modeling, mostly in aplications like daz 3d where the content is pre made.
I am not sure how to see if these settings are active or how to apply them properly, would you posibly be able to guide me through this?

I will only be able to test this out once i get home from work in about 2 hours.
I will greatly appreciate the help.

If you already did the animation and it works outside of the game engine then you should already have armature and vertex groups working.
maybe check also that your ‘walk’ action in the action editor is actually - walking (dope sheet - action editor) and you didn’t confuse between action naming

The animation works when i press the play button on the time line and I named the action as walk. This was done in action editor. This is also the only action i have made so far.

I think will be easier when you post your blend file or show your settings. it’s difficult to ‘guess’ where is the problem.

Here I made an example.


Action25x.blend (316 KB)

works fine for me (cube is bending)
which version of blender do u use?

I am having problems uploading my file, but i have a link to it where i stored it on one of my sites servers.

its still a noob effort, but hey, we all have to start some where…

and thanx HG1 i will have a look at your example now.

The armature modifier is missing.

  1. Select the mesh
  2. Select the modifer panel.
  3. Append the an armature modifer.
  4. Move the armature modifer up to the first position.

i might be mistaken… but i had a look at my file and compared it to yours HG1… it seems to be the same but i dont get the same effect. nothing moves on my file.

dude… you serious? just because the modifier was second it broke it? my file is working now. thanx… But why does it make a difference in what order the modifiers are?

also, in the tutorial i was following the guy went into the object panel and changed the dropdown below the parent (that was set to armature) from object to armature… and in the modifiers panel he removed the armature from the object… this also made the file work… what is the difference in that method from this one?

Thanx again for the help guys.

The armature modifier can only deform unmodified meshes. So it must be always on the top.
I think you mean the blendercookie tutorial. He used a previous version of Blender with a bug where you have to remove the modifier.
When you link the armature modifer to the armature you must select object, otherwise the armature in the 3D view will be modified two times.
If you don’t you link the armature modifer to the armature, you have cahnge the parent to armature .

ok, so that was just to by pass a bug in that version of blender. Good to know. Thank you