Help with animation to free 32 dolphins from dolphinariums

Hi, i’m a volunteer trying to make a presentation in order to lobby the Ukrainian government to free the dolphins currently kept in dolphinariums. I’m stuck with making a presentation for a proposed low budget dolphin sanctuary for their rehabilitation. I have done some monkey work replicating the tutorial for the ocean flyover successfully (, but i’m struggling to place the objects in the water so they interact with the waves. (i have only experience with Fusion 360, and as i have learned, they have very little similarity with Blender, its like trying to repair a jet engine after having experience with bicycle repair) I know that dynamic paint system can be used for that, but i’m not having much success. Basically i want to have this flyover ending with zooming onto the floating buoys circle that are supporting the underwater net (the budget version of a seasonal rehabilitation sanctuary). I can obviously make a simple presentation without this flyover, but the better the presentation - the better chances for success. If someone can help me with this - obviously they will be credited as co-creators (or sole creators, i’m not that interested in getting credit for it). It will be shown to the general public and Ukrainian members of parliament in order to demonstrate a low budget solution that is realistic. So if anyone is interested in helping - it will be very much appreciated.
PS. We have already done a lot of work on the draft legislation that was discussed with the relevant parliament committee but not yet submitted it, now we need to make a case that freeing dolphins will not cost the budget of the state (since it is a struggling state at the moment), and that is why we have come up with low budget version of a sanctuary, but need to visualize it in order to sell it to the legislators. There is no personal interest here, we are all volunteers doing this in the spare time.

Hi, this sounds like a really motivating project. I wouldn’t be able to help right now, but starting mid-april I should have more time, if your deadline allows. No promises as I don’t have a good visibility on what’s to come, but I’d like to help if possible. It sounds like something I can do. What are your time constraints?


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Hi Hadrien, thanks for your reply, it is much appreciated! There is no deadline really, when it is ready we can present, however the sooner the better in this case, as there is a limited season for rehabilitation in the Black Sea (it freezes over near the shores in winter, so in order to have a shot at it this year it needs to clear the parliament before summer). I’m thinking i’d keep plugging myself for now, maybe i can just have the buoys to not interact with water, and just finish the render with the camera high up so it will not be noticed, and then on approach just elevate the whole structure above water to show its components, but if i’m not going to succeed with this for some reason - your help will be greatly appreciated when time allows. Thanks again, it is really inspiring to see people offering their valuable time for selfless causes!

The situation you describe sounds like something the folks in the rigging category would be able to help with. When you encounter a specific roadblock you can ask there.

Generally if you want to snap objects to a surface you can use the shrinkwrap constraint on them. Choose the ocean object as target, check both directions (positive and negative), and set it to “project” along Z axis.

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Maybe i could help too. So you are having problems with the interaction of the buoys and the water but it seems that you have some other problem as you have mentioned somehow. Could you explain it better?

I suppose that for the interaction with the water @Hadriscus Already gave a solution.

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Hi Calandro, this is very much appreciated, thanks! I’ve been studying the tutorials today to understand a bit more (including the shrinkwrap modifier one), but I started having problems with the render (out of memory), so i need to wrestle with that tomorrow ( because can not see the results now), its probably best if i record a video with my questions and post a blend. It may take me a bit since it is such a steep learning curve that my brain is melting at times )

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Thank you for the advice! I have already found a floating ball tutorial that explains the details of using the shrinkwrap modifier, so i’ll see what i can do once i dial in the settings so i can render again. I only have 2GB graphics and 8GB memory on my laptop, so not exactly the right beast for such an endeavor. I have learned to use Foxrenderfarm yesterday though, but that’s more for a final render rather than checking ongoing changes as i see it.