Help with animation

hi everyone, i’m trying make a this but how i can do this :/, i have the model

but i don’t know how animated, how do I make that treadmill running ? help me please !

If you search curve deform and find a tutorial on the curve deform modifier this is probably what you want. Or search tank track tutorial.Good luck
Edit and add a lattice to the curve and the belt both to go around the turn. This will deform the parts of the belt/squish and stretch but the other alternative i know of is breaking the belt into parts and lots of parenting

I looked in to how those conveyor parts and made and function. The key word here is “Plastic Belt Conveyor link drawing”. It is basically plastic molded link with hinge pinhole for linking and slotted hole at the other end. There is sprocket hole in each link at the outer edge to pull the belt.

In a straight run, hinge pin pulls other link at the end of slot (A). When belt are pulled around the curve, outer most link pulls the whole belt links. Inside links simply slide in the slot so that whole thing can bend around the curve (B). So to animate it, you just animate the links on a curve at along the outer object pivot.